In Our Own Image - Humanity's Quest for Divinity via Technology
Glossary of terms

Ashrama – Original Indian Philosophy covering the stages of human existence.

Mahashrama – Extended (or Greater) Ashrama, enhanced to include competitive
forces. The four segments of Ashrama and Mahashrama are the same, and listed

Brahmacharya – The first segment of Mahashrama. Emphasis is on learning and
proficiency in the skill set required for competitive self sufficiency. The
‘Individuality’ of the human being is also developed at this stage.  The person
going through the Brahmacharya stage is referred to as the ‘brahmachari’.

Grihastha – The second segment of Mahashrama. Emphasis is on discharging our
Genetic Imperative (procreation) and Economic Imperative (providing for family,
future activities). The person going through the Grihastha segment is the

Vanaprastha – The third segment of Mahashrama. Emphasis is on Community and
Service leadership, with the goal to grow spirituality to be able to relate to
causes that are important to all of humanity. The person going through
Vanaprastha is the ‘vanaprasthi’.  

Sanyas – The final Segment of Mahashrama. Emphasis is on spirituality with the
goal of ‘transcending’ our human condition, and codifying the ‘essence’ or ‘spirit’
of what it means to be human for posterity. The person going through Sanyas is
the ‘sanyasi’.

DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid – the material out of which the genetic sequences
(genes) within our chromosomes is constructed. In general - our inherited
genetic content, or Genome.  Sometimes referred to the ‘Nature’ component of
who we are as humans.

Cultural DNA – The sum total of learnings (from experience) for the individual
human being. Some effort is required to separate the experiences that really
have meaning – and those that are merely incidental. Sometimes referred to as
the ‘Nurture’ component of who we are as humans.

Cultural DNA (Ethnic) – Cultural (or experiential) learnings that define the
commonly held experiences, learnings and beliefs of an Ethnic group or
Community. Quite a bit of effort is usually required to crystallize out the parts that
are really relevant to, and representative of the character of the ethnic group or
community. .

Cultural DNA (Human) – Sum total of all human experiential learnings. Over time,
the Cultural DNA will need to become condensed down to the most concise and
internally consistent thread(s) – eventually giving rise to the DNA for the next
level of our existence.

Supra Human Entity – Projected next level of human existence with ‘Divine’
capabilities. Expected complexity level is about 10EXP15  (1000 trillion) human
intelligences. Also referred to as the ‘Supra’.

Machine Supra Cell (MSC or Supracell) – Unit of Machine intelligence with about
the same degree of sophistication as a human being. The MSC then becomes the
cellular unit (along with humans) for a future Supra Human Entity.

Yoga – Spiritual Union. From Indian philosophy, this is the mechanism by which
two dissimilar quantities (e.g. mind and body, material and spiritual) can exist and
perform as a single entity.

Yogic Union – the combination of two entities that is greater than the sum of the
parts, and which allows the composite entity to behave as a single entity.

Yogic Empathy – Fellow-feeling, sharing and openness that comes from Yogic

Yogic Unification – The process of applying Yogic Union to various constituents
of a population such that they all feel part of the overall organism or entity.

Yogic Universality – The logical end point of Yogic Unification, when all of the
intelligence within this Universe is part of a single Yogic organism.

Mutually Assured Preservation (MAP) – The principle of conflict resolution that
uses Yogic Empathy, and where the continuing existence of either part in the
conflict remains preserved.

Varna – Ancient Indian Caste system, by which the social responsibilities of a
family was determined by birth (e.g. Brahmins were priests, Ksatriyas were
warriors and rulers).

Ananda – Spiritual Joy. A state of happiness one can aspire to with adequate
spiritual preparation.

Serial Endosymbiosis Theory (SET) – The theory of how the first Eukaryotic cells
(with a clearly defined cell nucleus) formed. These cells became the building
blocks from which all of modern day plants and animals are constituted. The
theory proposes that several cellular biological features evolved independently,
and were symbiotically fused together to form a superior organism (i.e. the first
Eukaryotic cells).

Vanaprastha Network – The organization formed when the vanaprasthi, who seek
the betterment of the universal human condition, organize to become the ‘brain’
and nervous system of a future human society.

Dvaita (Dualism) – the belief that God and Humans are forever different and
separate. In this belief, we can come close to God, but cannot become ‘one’ with
our God. Sometimes also applied to the perceived permanent differences
between our material and spiritual existence.

Advaita (non-Dualism) – the belief that we humans are part of the core spirituality
of the Universe (or God), and differ only in the degree of ‘Godliness’. With
spiritual development, one can hope for total spiritual union, or becoming
dissolved in this sea of spirituality (Moksha or Nirvana).

Cultural Archeology: Future field of endeavor by which incomplete Cultural
Genomes (individual, Ethnic or Civilizational) can be reconstructed and recreated
to lifelike realism.

Prime Ascension – The concept that the humanity can achieve a level of Divinity
(Supra  Human Existence) without the help of other (non-human) Intelligences. If
we do get external help, we can still have Ascension, but it will be assisted.
Solar Local Progression Ratio (108) – The ratio between the Earth, the Sun and
the Earth-Sun distance, that hints at a level of spiritual organization.

Self Power Factorial (SPF) series – 1EXP1 x 2EXP2 x 3EXP3 … N EXP N . Derived
from the Solar Local Progression Ratio, 108, which equals 1EXP1 x 2EXP2 x
3EXP3.  (Note: EXP stands for 'to the power of')

Self Power (SP) function - N EXP N – This is a derivative of the SPF, and useful for
the calculation of certain combinations between Yogic Entities.

Tree of Universality – A mathematical model of the structure of reality that
connects the mundane (Level 3) to the Transcendental (Level 0). Derived from
the Solar Local Progression Ratio.  

Veil of Abstraction – The interface between Level 1 and Level 0 in the Tree of
Universality that serves to abstract (or isolate) the reality below from the
spirituality above.
In Our Own Image
Humanity's Quest for Divinity via Technology
by Debashis Chowdhury
Glossary of terms
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