Question 1:

Is there a common purpose (or set of goals) that we can ascribe to the Universe at
large? This could be in the present or in the future...

Clarification: A currently existing 'common purpose' and organization within our universe is
similar in concept to a 'One God' who has permeated the Universe with his/their presence
and purpose. A future 'common purpose' could be ascribed to a future Divine presence,
either of our own (human) development, or as a composite of our human interactions with
other intelligences - some of which might be already existing.

Question 2:

If there exists such a common purpose, can we humans (i.e. a reasonable majority )
relate to such a higher purpose as part of our civilizational destiny?

Question 3:

If humanity can relate to such a higher purpose, can we organize ourselves
consistent with furthering this common purpose?

Question 4:

The machines that we humans will invent, over time will far outstrip us biological
humans in raw thinking power and ability to control our environment. Can our
machine progeny be imbued with the seed of this common purpose?

Question 5:

As and when such machines come into existence, can our human progeny morph
themselves into a symbiotic existence with our machine progeny - which is
consistent with them together fulfilling our human civilizational destiny?


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