In Our Own Image - Humanity's Quest for
Divinity via Technology:

Personal Mahashrama Location

By answering a few simple questions, it is possible for us
to get a personal read on where we see ourselves
situated with respect to the Mahashrama Cycle. There is
no right or wrong answer - as it is very healthy for a
society to have personal viewpoints ranging through all
the four segments. Collectively, if we observe an
overemphasis on one or two of the segments - this may
point to a need in society to further develop the
under-represented segments. As you go through the
questions, you can record your   personal viewpoint. This
tool also allows you to track how your Community and/or
Society might respond - based on your personal
observations as to what is considered important.

Question 1: The primary purpose of human effort is:

A. Self Sufficiency, Independence
B. Raising a Family and Providing for them
C. Identifying and Servicing the Common Good
D. Finding our Spiritual home

Question 2: The primary cause of suffering is:

A. Lack of Education and Vocational skills
B. Economic Strife
C. Lack of good Governance
D. Lack of Spirituality and Inspiration

Question 3: The most critical need of Society is:

A. Safety/Security and Education
B. Stable, productive family life
C. Governance that services the common good
D. An unifying and inspirational spirituality

Question 4: What profession do you respect the most?

A. Star Athlete
B. Corporate CEO
C. Doctor working with 'Doctors without Borders'
D. Spiritual Monk or Priest

Question 5: Humanity's key need for long term survival/

A. Productive outlets for competitive energy
B. Plenty of energy for a prosperous economy
C. Identify common good and work cooperatively
D. A compelling vision of future success

Question 6: Your ideal lifestyle:

A. Independently Wealthy Playboy / Playgirl
B. Family person with caring, successful children
C. Service Leader engaged in making society better
D. Spiritual Recluse

Question 7: Your perception of 'Divinity'

A. All Knowing
B. All Powerful
C. Benevolent and Caring
D. Embodiment of Universal Purpose

Question 8: Your perception of the human 'mind':

A. Product of our Genetic Programming
B. Product of our Personal Experiences
C. Product of our Culture / History
D. Product of our personal Vision, Will and Drive

Question 9: The Laws of the Land are intended to:

A. To help those in power maintain Law and Order
B. To protect and preserve Economic Activity
C. An expression of the 'Common Good'
D. Modelled after a set of fundamental ideas/beliefs

Question 10: Success in life is best defined by:

A. Competing and winning against others
B. Successful family and career
C. Noteworthy contributions to the Community
D. Enduring spirituality and 'oneness' with the Universe




Answer Key:

A: Brahmacharya
B: Grihastha
C: Vanaprastha
D: Sanyas

Once the 'Your Self" score has been tabulated, please do
the same for the 'Your Community' scores - to the get the
order that you perceive your Community's collective
priorities to be. If your priorities match well with that of
your community, chances are you will be looked upon as
a successful role model. If you see a significant
discrepancy, you are more of the 'Maverick' and would be
looking to find your kindred spirits outside of your local

There is no right or wrong answer - as we must all go
through the segments in sequence for us to master the
full utility of the Mahashrama Cycle. Typically, your first
backup segment will be the segment that you just
graduated from, or the one that you next aspire to -
whichever one you are closer to, mentally, at this time.
Also typically, the second backup segment will be the
other adjoining Mahashrama segment that you have just
left or are aspiring towards.

After tallying the results, if the segment scores are
unusually close, it is possible that you are one of the rare
people who have mastered Mahashrama, and are able to
feel equally at home in multiple segments, and to be able
to move effortlessly between them. If you find yourself in
such a position, your ability to provide a balanced
leadership  to your society or community is quite high -
whether in the action oriented mindset (service
leadership, Vanaprastha) or of the Visionary kind (path
finding, Sanyas).
Scoring Instructions:

Get a Paper and Pencil. Make
two columns.

Left side: Your Self:

Write down the letter
corresponding to your best
answer for each question. In
case of tie, write down both. Add
up the number of A's, B's, C's
and D's. The highest scores(s)
reflect your primary segment(s).
Use the key at the bottom of the
questionnaire to determine your
primary segment or segments.

Right side: Your Community:

Write down the letter
corresponding to your best
answer for each question. In
case of tie, write down both.
Score as above.

Society usually eases the
transitions into its prevailing
mindset, and makes it difficult to
move on to the ones following.
Extra effort is required to keep
your personal development going
when all of society seems to be
pulling in the opposite direction.
In such cases, it is helpful to seek
out those who have already
made the transition, in order to
facilitate our own...
In Our Own Image
Humanity's Quest for Divinity via Technology
by Debashis Chowdhury
Mahashrama Location - Personal Asssessment
Book Published Nov '06
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