About the Author

Debashis Chowdhury was born in Shillong,
India, and received his Bachelors degree in
Electronics and Communications Engineering
from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at
Kharagpur. Debashis moved to the USA to
pursue a Masters degree in Electrical
Engineering at the Pennsylvania State
University. Upon finishing his course of study,
he moved to Arizona to join Intel Corp in 1985.
In the intervening years, Debashis has served
in many capacities, including IC Design,
Product Concept Development, Intel Capital
(investments) and Marketing. Debashis
received an MBA from the University of
Phoenix, while working full-time at Intel.

Debashis received an induction into Indian
Spirituality at an early age. More recently, he
was struck with the immediacy of the need to
move our human civilization away from its
dissipative ways - after experiencing the ruins
of Machu Pichu, the last bastion of the Inca
civilization in late 1998. Thus started a
process of introspection and analysis, the
results of which are now housed in his
publication: In Our Own Image.

Debashis and his wife Sarbari are fortunate to
have two children, Abhik and Shilpika. The
family is one of avid travelers, and typically
takes in several international destinations
every year. They also maintain ties to classical
Indian traditions, especially music, and
typically host one or more visiting artists
every year. The Chowdhury family makes their
home in Chandler, Arizona.

Debashis has several previous publications in
magazine articles and in other technical
publications. His technical work has also
resulted in the award of an US patent (in
wireless communications).
Picture taken at the Fram
Museum, Oslo, Norway, June '06.

The Fram was a ship build for
polar exploration, and was used
by Roald Amundsen (amongst
others) for his exploration of the
South Pole. The ship is now
housed indoors at the Fram
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Debashis Chowdhury
Book Published Nov '06
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