Intrinz has a history of participating in corporate citizenship efforts to help improve the lives of those around us.


Since 2015, Intrinz has assisted in CPR health education efforts by prioviding sensor equipped CPR manikins, and putting together video instruction for a new kind of CPR that is easier to learn and more effective than traditional CPR - called Continuous Chest Compression CPR. We have worked closely with Dr. Tapas Mondal (a Pediatric Cardiologist) and Celtic Systems (a software systems company) to put out a range of products - which eventually led to the creation of the ServicePlace non-profit organization -


The Bengali Version of the Continuous Chest Compression CPR video is shown below.



Intrinz has also supported the Bengali Cultural scene in Phoenix, Arizona, enabling several Bengali language movies to be presented, often with their directors present, to increase the interactiveness of the local Bengali community with the primary drivers of Bengali film culture.





















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