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Book 1: The Riddle of The Sphinx - Navigating Life's
      by Debashis Chowdhury

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About the Author

Debashis Chowdhury

Debashis was born in Shillong, India. He inherited a strong
sense of spirituality from his mother, as well as a hands-on
practicality from his engineer father. Debashis has a
master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and is also an
MBA. He was with Intel Corporation for 22 years, in
positions that spanned the gamut from chip design to
investments and acquisitions. This gave him an unique
vantage point as to two waves of technology – one the  
Personal Computer revolution and the second, the coming
of the Internet age.

He published his first book: ‘IN OUR OWN IMAGE:
Humanity’s Quest for Divinity via Technology’ in 2006 –
followed soon after by a workbook on the same topic. He
also holds a deep passion for communicating about his
subject: the common challenges we face in our lives - and
how to overcome them in the context of the greater
opportunity placed before all of humanity. In addition to his
writing and speaking, he and his family are avid travelers
and also enjoy community service. For 2008, Debashis is
serving as president of the Bengali Cultural Association of

Brought up in a family tradition steeped in Eastern
spiritualism, Debashis also had the privelege to be
educated in a school run by the Christian Brothers. This
gave him early exposure to both Eastern and Western
spiritual philosophies. An enduring aspect of his work is the
appeal to people from diverse backgrounds to partake in a
greater vision of humanity’s success. In doing so, we do
not need to give up our individuality, but to grow it in
stages which then ultimately merge into universality.
Debashis makes his home in Chandler, Arizona, with his
wife Sarbari, daughter Shilpika, son Abhik (and dog Shilo).