Indian Philosophy and
The Future of Technology
Book Overview:
In Our Own Image
Humanity's Quest for Divinity via Technology
by Debashis Chowdhury

Once in a few billion years, the conditions are right for
life to transcend itself into a higher level of existence.
Having spent more than a billion years in the form of
single walled bacteria-like (Prokaryotic) cells, a happy
set of circumstances happened about 1.5 Billion years
ago that gave rise to Eukaryotic cells with a well
defined cell nucleus. Those were heady times, and the
Eukaryotic cells then went on to create all multi-cellular
creatures, including plants and animals – including
humans. The experience of what it meant to live life
changed completely! To understand the magnitude of
the transformation, we need to just ask ourselves,
“Which would we rather be?” A human being - or a pile
of ‘grey goop’ consisting of about 100,000 billion cells
all trying to figure out how to survive in a highly
competitive environment...

The exciting times are back again!  In this very
century, mankind will invent the technologies that will
give us capabilities we have thus far associated only
with Divinity. What is lacking now is a level of wisdom,
and unity of purpose amongst us humans. If we can
develop this transcendental wisdom, and inculcate a
joint sense of identity and purpose as humanity, ours
is the opportunity to transform our collective existence
into a vastly more powerful presence.  

The approach illustrated in this book draws inspiration
from many worlds – the Material and the Spiritual, the
Competitive and the Cooperative, the Scientific and
the Religious, the Biological and the Technological…
In the process of developing an integrative ‘vision’ for
the long term success of humanity, we look at the
patterns, clues and images that permeate our
existence – all the way from the microscopic to the
astronomical. If you believe that within us humans lies
hidden the capability to scale up our existence to
resonate with the potential of the universe around us,
this book is a ‘Must Read’. In the process, we humans
would create our own Divinity, or add our contributions
to an already existing Divinity!

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In Our Own Image